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  Yuanke lighting LED lampEnvironmental friendly polymer composite material radiator is used to replace metal aluminum and ceramic heat dissipation materials. The product hasExplosion proof, anti falling, high efficiency heat dissipation, moisture proof, fire prevention, lightning protection, dust prevention, insect proof, insulation, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, safety and environmental protectionAnd other characteristics, made a more environmentally friendly, safer, more durable, more energy-saving LED lights.

 Professional undertaking led projects: LED landscape lighting engineering, LED road lighting engineering, LED display system engineering, LED indoor lighting engineering, residential LED lighting engineering, LED energy saving engineering, etc.

  Zhuhai Yuankang Enterprise Co., Ltd Is a professional R & D and production of engineering modified plastics, masterbatch, plastic pigment high-tech enterprises. With 50000 square meters of modern R & D production base and testing center, chemical industry synthetic materials aging quality supervision and Testing Center (Zhuhai Center). We have built a domestic environmental protection dust-free production workshop for engineering modified plastics and an automatic production line for engineering modified plastics, with an annual output of 100000 tons of engineering modified plastics.

  The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, OHSAS1800, ISO / TS16949, and has established a set of 8s management system for engineering modified plastics manufacturing industry. We are also a member of the National Plastics Standardization Technical Committee. All products have passed the certification of RoHS, reach, UL94 yellow card and FDA.

  Yuankang plastic city is a key engineering plastics logistics market in Guangdong Province integrating R & D, production, testing, exhibition, logistics warehousing and electronic trading services in the southwest of the Pearl River Delta.

  Engineering modified plastics:PA6, PA66, PC, PBT, ABS, PP, PC / ABS, PC / PBT, PC / PBT / ABS alloy, hips, POM, high gloss mirror black masterbatch, etc. All modified materials can be produced according to customers' requirements: dyeing according to customers' requirements, mineral or glass fiber / micro glass reinforcement, halogen-free environmental flame retardant, flame retardant, UV resistant, cold resistant, antistatic, etc.

  Agent distribution:Plastic pigments of various brands in the world, such as color masterbatch, dispersant, disperse oil, pearlescent powder, gold, silver powder, flash gold / silver sheet, luminous powder, antioxidant, light stabilizer, etc., all pigments are strictly screened, light resistant, heat-resistant, stable, and safety meet the standards.

  Professional color matching:Use computer to quickly allocate all kinds of plastic colors; the color is stable and durable, efficient, fast and thoughtful service.

  Testing Center:Test the safety and performance of all plastic raw materials, engineering modified plastics and additives, plastic pigments and products according to the standards. Note: it can handle factory transfer (deep processing transfer) and import and export business

  Yuankang people uphold"To survive with quality, to seek development with integrity"Business philosophy, to provide customers with quality and cheap products and perfect and meticulous service. Join hands with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow! Let human life be healthier, safer and better!

Zhuhai Yuankang Enterprise Co., Ltd

corporate culture

1、 Enterprise vision: to be a century old enterprise and create a century old brand

2、 Enterprise purpose: to create the best quality products, do the most honest service

3、 Development goal: "to be first class in the industry and the first in China"

4、 Enterprise spirit: "unity and hard work, benevolence and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare to serve the world"

5、 Business philosophy: seek benefit by quality, develop by reputation, customer satisfaction is fundamental, employee satisfaction is guarantee

6、 Management policy: quality assurance, service integrity, customer satisfaction, pollution prevention, energy saving and consumption reduction, people-oriented, green and environmental protection creative development

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